Veteran gets a job at the Post Office Joke

There’s a US Marine veteran who was excited for a job interview with the post office.  After a few tours the soldier was finding it hard to find work.  This was the break he’d been looking for.  During the interview the manager asked him about his career as a marine.  He said that he didn’t […]

How to Grow your Youtube Channel

Are you just getting started on YouTube, and getting frustrated that nobody is watching your content?  I know exactly what you’re feeling.  You’ve put all this time into making your videos and nobody is watching.  Getting exposure can be really hard if you don’t know how to go about getting it.  First of all you […]

Woocommerce Vs. Shopify Review

Here is my Shopify Vs. WooCommerce Review Shopify vs. WordPress review, where to begin. I made the switch.  Shopify to WooCommerce.  My experience with WooCommerce has been amazing.  I’m loving it.  Shopify is really user friendly and easy to set up.  Its user friendly platform leaves no room for real customization.  Being a content creator, […]