The 5 Best First Day of School Jokes

Well it’s that time of year when all the young ones are on their way back to class.  So I figured it was suiting to post the best back to school jokes I could find.  So here it goes,

First day of school joke #1

The first day of school wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t followed by the second, the third, the fourth, the ……….

First day of school joke #2

The first day of school is very exciting, very much like riding a roller coaster…  But I wouldn’t want to do that for 9 months straight either.

First day of school joke #3

The first day of school is very special to me.  It is the first day that I’m not behind in my homework.

First day of school joke #4

There is always a bright side to the first day of school, once it is over you are one day closer to the last day of school

First day of school joke #5

Teachers seem to love the first day of school.  I think it’s because they are getting paid to be there, and the children work for free


There you have it folks, and here are a few other school jokes you might like,

There is only one thing I hate more than taking a test…  It’s the grade that comes after it.

There is this kid in class who will do absolutely anything for the teachers to like him…  Even do his homework

Why do fish swim at the bottom of the lake?  Because that’s where fish go when they drop out of school

I always use a dull pencil, because I don’t like anything in class that’s sharper than me….


Hope you all enjoyed, and be sure to leave a funny school joke that you know in the comment section below!



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