How to Grow your Youtube Channel

Are you just getting started on YouTube, and getting frustrated that nobody is watching your content?  I know exactly what you’re feeling.  You’ve put all this time into making your videos and nobody is watching.  Getting exposure can be really hard if you don’t know how to go about getting it.  First of all you need to pick a niche and stick with it.  If your content is consistent and always covers the same type of subjects, people will eventually find you and consider subscribing if you cover a niche that interests them.  So stay consistent with your niche, and upload consistently.

How to jump start your channel… What I am about to tell you is a little frowned upon by Youtube, and some people.  I personally used this method to help grow my channel little by little and it worked.  First of all you need to get views so that you get ranked.  It’s hard to get ranked if you don’t have any views.  So start by posting your videos on Facebook, and asking your friends to check them out.  I know you probably already know that.  The second thing you can do is sign up to ViewGrip or View2be.  Those 2 sites are free to join and free to use.  I will tell you a bit about them.

ViewGrip is a site where you watch other peoples videos.  You can earn credits by clicking watch and just let the videos play.  When the YouTube pop-up displays you can click the video to mute and just walk away.  Let the videos play all day while you are at work and collect credits.  It’s totally automated for you.  Once you have credits you can cash them in for views on your videos.  People probably won’t be actually watching your content but you will receive views and your video will climb in the rankings.  Ranking higher can cause your video to be suggested to users therefore bringing more organic traffic to your videos.  ViewGrip allows you to choose how long your video is watched for.  YouTube also ranks you on audience retention.  So it is important that you get as much retention as possible.  ViewGrip has a maximum view time of 3 minutes and 20 seconds or 200 seconds.  So if you are going to use this service try keeping your videos below that time length until your Channel organically grows.  1 credit equal 10 seconds.  So check out ViewGrip if you’re interested.  They also provide likes and subscribers.  I don’t personally recommend getting subscribers as they will come organically.  Organic subscribers are key to a successful Channel.

View2be is much like ViewGrip.  The only downfall is that videos are only viewed for 30-55 seconds.  So I would suggest you only use this service if your videos are less than a minute long.  You can however buy special services like 50 thousand views with 80-100% retention, but that is entirely up to you.  View2be is very much like ViewGrip in the way you can put it on auto pilot and just walk away while you collect credits.  Try them for yourself and decide which is best for you.  Personally I used both when getting started.  I don’t use them anymore as I have built up a decent following.

Another site I’d like to recommend is QQTube.  This site is a paid service, however it is really cheap.  You can post 10 custom comments on your video for 40 cents.  I don’t recommend using this site for views, because they use bots.  Bots are a good way to get your channel into trouble, and kill your ranking.  I used this site for 2 different purposes.  For custom comments, and for sharing.  They offer 500 post shares for 1.50$.  You’d be amazed by how much organic traffic you get by purchasing their shares.  The shares show up in your analytics and helps boost video SEO and ranking.  Custom comments are posted by numerous users who copy and paste your custom comments into your video with their profiles.  Having comments really helps boost your videos rankings.  When you pay for generic comments from other sites, you get comments like nice, good video, really good, ok, laksdjf;ajf, and just garbage.  That is why I really love QQTube’s custom comments because they look authentic.  One note if you are to use this service with custom comments use only regular characters, using commas apostrophes or any other symbol will mess with your comment.

The final way to boost your channels exposure is by paying Google to promote your video as an ad.  Make a custom commercial for your Youtube Channel and pay to promote it through Google Adsense.  I believe you have that option on your video in your Youtube creator studio.

That about wraps up this article.  Please share your thoughts about using view services, and if you know of any others out there that you think might be better.


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