This weeks news

The Bownesian Bunny Bounce game is finally done.  Had to work out a few bugs, but now it’s ready to download on both iPhone and Android.  You can scroll to the bottom of the home page to click the download links.  Now its time to finish up on the first volume of the Bownesian Bunnies Lesson Book.  I’m hoping to have it up for sale on Amazon in the coming days or next week for sure.  The children’s book will be a whopping .99 cents.  It teaches the importance of sharing, as the characters demonstrate the dynamics of how children behave towards each other during play time.  A book for every parent to read to their child.

Coming Soon on Amazon!

Here is a look at The Bownesian Bunny Bounce Video Game

We also plan to release a children’s cartoon in January 2019 based on the book series.

 Here is the rough draft of the intro.  Enjoy!