Veteran gets a job at the Post Office Joke

There’s a US Marine veteran who was excited for a job interview with the post office.  After a few tours the soldier was finding it hard to find work.  This was the break he’d been looking for.  During the interview the manager asked him about his career as a marine.  He said that he didn’t really like talking about it.  The manager said that’s ok, and that the post office gave priority to hiring military vets.  Hearing this totally thrilled the marine vet.  “So does that mean I get the job?” asked the marine.  “Yes!, but I need to know one thing…  Have you ever been wounded?” replied the manager.  The vet looked to the floor, with a hint of shame in his eyes.  He then started to tell the tale of how he lost his testicles when he stepped on a land mine in Iraq.

The manager just couldn’t believe what an awful thing to happen.  He then told the vet that he could start the next day at 10 am.  “10 am? Don’t the workers usually start at 8 am here?”  asked the vet.  The manager smiled and replied ” Yes we all get here around 8, but we usually just stand around for the first 2 hours and scratch our balls”

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